job Title: Tower Crane Technician
Location: City or Industry, CA | Portland, OR
Description: This position reports to the Lead Technician / Tower Crane Division Manager.

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to work and function in all reasonable weather environments including but not limited to rain, snow and heat.
  • Knowledge of electrical, gearbox, hoist and crane hardware systems.
  • Must maintain a valid state driver’s license.
  • Must have ability to troubleshoot breakdowns and service electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Must be competent to maintain, repair or adjust safety systems.
  • Must have a full understanding of equipment lubrication and be able to verify conformance to manufacture specifications
  • Must possess average skills and or licenses (if deemed necessary or required by local law) to perform of the following tasks.
    • Operating mobile or tower crane

Job Responsibilities:

Diagnose and solve 75% of their service calls without assistance from others.  Possess the skills to work on self erecting, hammer head tower cranes and hoists.  These individuals will be required to assist with normal load out or assembly / disassembly activities but should expect there is a possibility to be pulled away to a service call at any time.    

  • Must have adequate knowledge of equipment to be able to do the following:
    • Differentiate between crane / hoist components by visual assessment.
    • Prepare machines for load out.
  • Performing equipment troubleshooting, maintenance and repair in both the yard / shop environments and job site environments.
  • Must be proficient with rigging and working with cranes (not necessarily operating) for the loading and unloading of equipment.
  • Ability to properly use safety equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses, fall protection, etc. in compliance with company policies.
  • Commitment to safeguard tools and equipment belonging to the Company.
  • Ability to represent the Company in a professional manner. This may include wearing Company uniforms and the maintenance of Company vehicles, tools and equipment.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the Lead Technician or Tower Crane Division Manger.

Coast Crane offers competitive compensation and offers an excellent benefit package, including group health PPO plan, company match 401K plan, company paid and voluntary life insurance programs, and a flexible spending program.