job Title: Branch Manager
Location: Kapolei, HI
Date Posted: 04/24/17

The Branch Manager is responsible for all department activities and for the overall fiscal performance of their respective branch.  They will provide direct oversight for all facets of equipment sales, rentals, service activity and parts sales.


Core Competency Skills/Traits:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Punctuality
  • Quick analytical decision making skills
  • Objective reasoning skills
  • Strategic business foresight
  • Time management and prioritization of activities/projects
  • Goal setting
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Provide clear work instructions
  • Objective personnel evaluation skills
  • Provide positive reinforcement and coaching for employees
  • Willingness to listen to alternative ideas and suggestions
  • Willingness to delegate
  • Ability to resolve disputes


Technical Skills:

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office.
  • Functional understanding of NDS and/or corporate mainframe system
  • Internet computer skills including:
  • Viewing pertinent government websites for related regulatory issues
  • Viewing manufacturer websites for applicable equipment resources
  • Downloading of pertinent website attachments
  • E-mailing of equipment pictures and related attachments
  • Budgeting preparation and analysis including:
  • Establishing a branch revenue and cost budget
  • Tracking of budget performance
  • Rental and sales forecast
  • Sales Backlog Report
  • Analysis and interpretation of company specific utilization reports


Education and or Experience:

Bachelors degree or minimum (15) years relevant industry experience.

Industry Experience:   (15) years of equipment sales, rental, and equipment fleet management

Feeder Positions:        Rental Representative, Rental Manager, Equipment Salesman, Equipment Fleet Manager 


Professionally represent the corporate image of Coast Crane Company

  • Promote the growth of Coast Crane Company and their respective branch
  • Communicate and promote the corporate goals, vision, and performance to the employees 
  • Supervising all branch employees including:  rental, parts, sales, service, and administrative personnel
  • Identifying adequate staffing levels to accomplish daily activities
  • Identifying and screen employee candidates
  • Assist with the retention of existing employees through competent personnel management philosophy and strategies
  • Ensure all employees are properly qualified and trained for their specific duties
  • Identify employees for termination and ensure proper procedural processing of termination
  • Address personnel management issues in conjunction with corporate HR
  • Ensure safe working conditions and practices for all employees and site visitors
  • Establish and develop client relationships
  • Mediate and resolve client disputes
  • Assist with collection of past due debts
  • Initiate and assist with relevant legal action when necessary
  • Manage vendor and supplier relationships
  • Identify equipment inventory quantities and fleet composition
  • Establish equipment sales pricing
  • Establish equipment rental rates
  • Establish operating budgets
  • Maintain all cost control functions
  • Evaluate fiscal performance relative to operating budget
  • Establish and maintain revenue forecast
  • Ensure compliance with all corporate operating policies and government regulations
  • Maintain a continuous business analysis of all area competitors
  • Maintain a proficient understanding of all pertinent industry products and standards